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Rohit Chandra

I am a political scientist and economic historian working primarily on energy, infrastructure and varieties of capitalism in India. My recent work has covered the coal and power industries. Over the last decade, I have worked in the policy space on coal sector reforms, the politics of state discoms (particularly in Jharkhand), and public finance decisions behind large infrastructure projects. I completed my PhD from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in 2018; my thesis focused on the idea of Adaptive State Capitalism, using India's coal industry as my primary case. I am now an Assistant Professor at IIT-Delhi's School of Public Policy and a Visiting Fellow at Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. In these institutions, I continue my work on coal and power, but have also expanded into the political economy of infrastructure, infrastructure finance, just transitions and the characteristics of Indian capitalism.

I welcome inquiries from doctoral students looking for advisors on any of the following topics: political economy of natural resources, energy policy, history of India's public sector, coal & power in India, just transitions and other topics related to India's economic, financial and industrial history.